Friday, 28 February 2014

Marvel vs DC Superhero Posters

Your first post is always a bit awkward I'm currently faced with the conundrum of whether I post an introduction or just jump straight into it. I decided on the latter, there is nothing more tedious than sitting here describing myself to an audience of 0. Anyways, I decided to share with you a collection of posters of superheroes that I recently did on Illustrator.  

Growing up I was a huge fan of comics and the love for the superhero never really fades. I recently made this collection of posters featuring my favourite DC superheroes and their Marvel counter parts (Batman vs Captain America, Green Lantern vs Silver Surfer, Quick Silver vs Flash, Superman vs Thor) the original idea was to make a final and bigger poster of them having a big fight. I'm not sure if I'm to keen on that idea but if I change my mind I can always go back and do it. I've never considered myself much of an illustrator but I'm trying to build up all aspects of my skill set and I guess there is no better way than practise. 

Who are your favourite superheroes?